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Masters 'n Dogs Westboro

Wag your tails on over to Westboro's canine and feline nutrition, products, and grooming salon emporium and bring your masters! Dogs of every shape and size always find gourmet treats and fresh water on hand, while their generous and caring masters browse through the unique, durable, and functional pet gear.

Masters 'n Dogs Specialty products include the practical such as nutritious food, attractive food dishes, toys, collars, leashes, and winter wear, as well as whimsical items. As ‘fit’ is as important as style in the canine world, shoppers are encouraged to bring their dogs to try on wearing apparel, attractive collars, and harnesses. Masters 'n Dogs Specialty also carries items such as custom-made raised wooden feeders and custom-made fabric beds and cushions; these not only makes pets comfortable and happy, but complement your home’s décor.

We know your dog is totally dependent on you for its health, interaction with people and other animals, shelter, and nutrition. To do what is best for your canine companion and fit it into your lifestyle, Masters ‘n Dogs Specialty offers a variety of the best quality food and treats that not only taste great, but helps your pet maintain its good health. Our first priority is to ensure that our customers are well informed and comfortable with what they are feeding their family pet.

Let thy food be thy medicine.